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Lesson Program

English Lesson Program

Todd Hill Farm prides itself on offering a small group lesson format.  We rarely have more than 5 students in a group .  We feel that small lesson sizes enable the instructor to have more one on one time with each student. We always do our best to match students to horses to get the best fit.  All of our horses have so much to teach!  From one horse, riders might learn balance and control and from another horse, they might learn how to release over a jump and yet another might teach them patience and acceptance.


Regular Lessons (one ride per week):

$225 (tax included)

Twice-as-Nice Lessons (two rides per week):

$400 (tax included)

Half-Lease (2 lease rides per week plus the guarantee of using the leased horse in all lessons):

$275 (tax included)

Ride on Your Own (by special request only):

$45 (tax included)



Todd Hill Farm is very flexible about rescheduling lessons.  We do require 24 hours notice but we realize weather and illness play a part. When lessons are rescheduled, students may ride in one group lower or one group higher than their normal lesson. It may take up to 48 hours for a response

Please book your make-up lesson here 

Age and Experience:


We require students to be 8 years of age or older.  For beginner riders between the ages of 8-12, we offer a Grass Roots Horsemanship Program  (see info below). There is no upper age limit!  We have several adult students at all levels.  We can accommodate beginner to advanced riders.  Just let us know what your riding level is on our Lesson Program application. 

Amelia + Amira
Equipment and Attire:

We supply all tack, horse equipment and brushes.  Our students should have their own ASTM-approved helmets, breeches, gloves and boots. Grass Roots level riders can borrow helmets - we have several on hand to lend out. Boots do not have to be expensive or fancy riding boots, but they should have a small heel (for safety reasons so the foot won't slip through the stirrup). Rubber boots are not acceptable above Grass Roots level as they do not provide sufficient protection from being stepped on by a horse. 

Dress Code

In non-winter months students are expected to wear shirts with a collar.  No tank-tops are permitted.  We also request that no one enter the barn with open-toed shoes (ie sandals) - this includes parents and siblings.

Want to enroll in the Todd Hill Farm Lesson Program?  You can download and print the lesson package here - or fill out and submit the online form below.  
Lesson Program Registration
Rider's experience

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 Grass Roots Horsmanship Program

Now open for Fall Registration

For children ages 8 - 12     


The Grass Roots program provides a solid foundation for children new to the sport of horseback riding. We put equal emphasis on horse care, grooming, handling, horsemanship and riding. All lessons will include some time in the barn learning about stable management and horse care as well as time in the saddle.

Todd Hill Farm instructors and assistants are experienced and knowledgeable and always put safety first.


Children participating in this program will be required to wear appropriate and safe attire, including a safety helmet specifically designed for riding (ie bike helmet would not be acceptable), boots with a small heel (rubber boots are fine), comfortable pants or breeches and gloves in cold weather.

The Program runs for 8 weeks at a cost of $450/no tax.  Non-refundable deposit required to hold spot.


All participants will receive a certificate of achievement and will participate in a Grass Roots Horse Show to show off what they have learned.

Sessions run Saturdays 3pm - 5pm OR Sundays 3pm - 5pm * Please specify your preferred day at time of registration. 

Please download and save the PDF program guide, as it will answer most questions.


SEPTEMBER 11 - OCTOBER 31, 2021 

Grass Roots "graduates" will be invited to move into the Short Stirrup program when they are ready.  Short Stirrup is our beginner program for children who are independent at walk, trot and steering.  The purpose of this program is to teach further independence at all gaits and the ability to handle the horse on the ground and tacking up.  It is run monthly, the same as our regular lessons (same rates). If your child is independent at walk and trot and would like to join Short Stirrup, please be sure to include that in the notes on the lesson request form HERE: Lesson Request Form

Current Sessions:

Saturdays September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 *NOW FULL* 

Sundays September 12, 19, 26, October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 *NOW FULL*

Lia + Capri
Fun show braids

Equestrian Canada - Learn To Ride Program

Todd Hill Farm is proud to be able to offer this Equestrian Canada  progression program that includes stable management, general horse knowledge, barn management, riding, first aid and safety.

Achieving a new level and progressing through the levels builds skills and confidence.  Participants receive a certificate of achievement upon passing and will be permanently on record with the Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation (NSEF) and Equestrian Canada (EC). Decisions to to jump new heights, attempt new exercises, participate in our leaser program, show off property and ride certain horses will be based on these levels.

To be certified at a Level, participants must be registered members of NSEF. (

Todd Hill Farm currently offers testing 2 x year (Spring and Fall).  The testing program includes 6 weeks of in-barn tutorials and lectures, extra riding opportunities and hands-on learning, If you would like more information on how to participate please contact Karen at or by calling 902-883-9577

Costs associated with this program vary.  Please send request to

What You'll Learn

Rider Level 1:

Must be able to:

  • Demonstrate good position & knowledge of aids

  • Adjust tack

  • Mount and dismount properly

  • Know safe horse handling practices

  • Post the trot even if they don’t know diagonals

  • Know how to change diagonal when asked

  • Slow down, stop, turn

  • Demonstrate independent seat

  • Know parts of horse & equipment

  • Clean tack and put bridle away properly (figure-8)

  • Lead correctly and take off / put on halter


Rider Level 2:

            All of the above plus:

  • Know face markings

  • List food eaten by horse and why

  • Know how often farrier should visit

  • Know reasons for and methods of cleaning tack

  • Know how whip/crop should be held

  • Know posting diagonals – even if they get it wrong sometimes

  • Effective and efficient transitions between halt/walk/trot

  • Canter safely even if they don't understand leads

  • Accuracy in riding patterns

  • Riding 20m circle

  • Demonstrate 2-point position

  • Demonstrate independence of seat, leg and hand


Rider Level 3:

            All of the above plus:

  • Disassemble & assemble snaffle bridle

  • Recognized & describe basic horse ailments 

  • Put on and remove blanket with leg straps

  • Tying up hay net

  • Safety knot

  • Knowledge ofequipment 

  • Steady & sympathetic contact with horses mouth

  • Proper ring reverse

  • Describe and demonstrate a half-halt

  • Accuracy in transitions

  • Rising & sitting trot without stirrups

  • Canter independently and know leads

  • Change rein on short diagonal

  • Consistent knowledge of diagonals

  • Jump a cross-rail with straight approach & departure at the canter

  • Canter a course of cross-rails while maintaining control

  • Demonstrate solid base of support over fences


Rider Level 4:

            All of the above plus:

  • Identify 6 different snaffle bits

  • Explain bits and their uses

  • Know how to clip ears and bridle path & pull mane

  • Know how to measure a horse

  • Explain and demonstrate proper warm-up 

  • Demonstrate bend

  • Jump a course of 2 feet

  • Use aids independently

  • Drop & regain stirrups at canter

  • Canter an accurate 15m circle

  • Simple changes

  • Demonstrate short, medium & long releases

  • Count and control strides


Rider Level 5:

            All of the above plus:

  • Know how to take temperature, pulse & respiration

  • Know how the body uses water

  • Know some skin conditions & possible treatments

  • Demonstrate standing wrap and polo wrap

  • Know how to maintain rhythm and relaxation

  • Know how to make a horse track up

  • Know 5 different rein aids and how to use them

  • Jump a height of 2’3”

  • Turn on the forehand

  • Non-progressive transitions

  • Use of body language

  • Jump gymnastic without stirrups

  • Lunge a horse at all 3 gaits with control


Rider Level 6:

            All of the above plus:

  • Demonstrate neat braiding

  • Discuss various lamenesses, how to diagnose and treat

  • Demonstrate first aid bandage

  • Explain how to load and transport horses safely

  • Ride forward from leg to hand

  • Maintain rhythm, regularity & evenness of pace

  • Jump a course of 2’6”

  • Demonstrate stride control

  • Consistent bend and pace

  • Correct position with and without stirrups at all paces

  • Simple change through walk

  • Correct shape and changes of bend

  • Smooth and accurate transitions

  • Turn on the haunches