Meet Our Horses!

Lia + Capri
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Decker / Show Name:  All Decked Out

2011 Quarter Horse gelding

Palomino 15.1hh

Decker is as "chill" as they get!  He is an old soul who looks like a big teddy bear and is just as cuddly!  Regular English riding is new to Decker, but he's taking it all in stride.  He is quiet enough for our beginning riders but fun enough for our advanced riders to learn on.  Decker is not built for jumping, but he is happy to take his rider over cavallettis and small cross-rails.  Where Decker really shines is on the trails! Hick nickname is "Chipmunk" because of his generous jowls.



Gunner / Show Name: Guns N Roses

2005  Percheron/Paint cross gelding

Grey 16hh

Gunner is a new Todd Hill Farm and he has settled in very well! He is a "jack of all trades" doing everything from barrel racing to hunters. He is very safe for our younger and beginner riders, but he is also a lot of fun for our more advanced riders. Don’t let his size fool you!  He’s just an overgrown pony!




Roxy / Show Name: Roxanne

2009 Dutch Warmblood cross mare

Grey 16hh

Roxy came to us from Ontario where she was showing in low hunter and dressage. She is a real confidence builder for timid riders. She can be on the lazy side, but that's part of her appeal! She is stunning to look at and catches everyone’s eye – she has that “warmblood” look.  You can find her snuggling with her best friend Carter. 







Dezi / Show Name: Desperado

2008 Paint gelding

Skewbald Tobiano 15.1hh

Dezi was started Western and has recently switched to English.  He is still learning how to be an “English” horse, so requires a patient rider with a sense of humour!  Dezi has lots of experience in and out of the ring and loves the trails.  He is learning to jump and so far seems to be very willing and quite athletic.  Dezi is safe enough for beginners but talented enough to challenge our more advanced riders too.  Don’t let his height fool you!  He has a big barrel and will fit all sizes of riders.


Parker / Show Name: Lincoln Park

2007 Hanoverian gelding

Bay, 16hh


Parker had a great show career as a hunter/jumper in Ontario.   His floaty trot, lovely conformation and natural rhythm make him a head-turner wherever he goes. He can be a scaredy cat sometimes, but that’s part of his appeal.  When he trusts his rider, he will do anything for you!  Parker has auto flying changes and excels in the jumper ring.  He is also schooled to 2nd Level Dressage.


Envy / Show Name: Evermore

2004 Thoroughbred mare

Black, 15.3hh

Envy came to Nova Scotia as a 5 year old from a hunter farm in Ontario, where she had come off the racetrack and been retrained for the hunter ring.  The young girl who bought her showed her at local hunter / jumper shows, but then went off to school so Envy didn't have a "job" and was out in the field for a few years.  Anyone who knows Envy knows that she loves people and loves to work!  When we found out about her, we made an offer and showed up with the trailer.  She came out of the field and walked right on.  We took a leap of faith because we didn't even ride her first!  Some things just feel right. Envy loves her job here at Todd Hill and has excelled in the hunter ring and placed very well against some stiff competition!



Sage / Show Name: Santorini

2001 Oldenburg gelding

Bay, 16hh

Sage is a kind soul.  He has had many years of show experience in the hunter ring in Quebec and was brought to Nova Scotia to live a quieter life. Sage is the perfect gentlemen with timid and beginner riders and yet he perks right up when asked and will happily jump around a full hunter course. He is staying at Todd Hill Farm while his owner attends university in Halifax.  


Amira / Show Name: Skyfall

1999 Sport Horse mare

Bay, 15.3hh


Amira is a full-bodied Sport Horse mare that has truly "been there, done that!"  She has had a long and very successful show career in the hunter ring in multiple provinces.  Amira loves to please and can babysit a timid youngster or adult, or just as easily step into the hunter ring and win ribbons with auto changes.  She brought to Nova Scotia as a young filly and trained in PEI for the show ring.  Amira is a very special girl.


Friday / Show Name: Forever Friday

2005 Percheron/Paint gelding

Grey, 15hh

Friday had a fun career as an Event horse in Northern New Brunswick before coming to Todd Hill Farm. He really loves to jump and is as brave as they come. He also loves trail rides – he’s pretty much up for any adventure!  He’s small but mighty and even our tall riders fit him well.







Molly / Show Name: Molly’s Game

2009  Thoroughbred mare

Bay, 16hh

Molly was bred in New Jersey to be a race horse but was too slow for the track!  Thank goodness, because she is an awesome hunter/jumper horse.  She is steady to the fences and is as honest as the day is long.   Molly had an injury to her mouth several years ago, so she can be sensitive to contact.  She prefers a rider with light hands.  She loves attention and has impeccable manners. She’s one of our most request horses on jump days!








Sophie / Show Name: Blush Balou

2015 Oldenburg mare 

Chestnut, 15.3hh

Sophie is by Bon Balou out of Love Letter.  She has classic conformation, stunning movement and a great attitude!  She is owned by Todd Hill, but is on a long term lease to Robyn Gillighan who has trained her from the ground up.  Everyone stops to watch when this fancy mare floats by.  She has 3 incredible gaits and lovely conformation. We will be breeding her in the Spring of 2021 to Sir Wannabe.









Barney / Show Name: Anchor Man

22 year old registered solid Paint Horse gelding

Chestnut, 15.2hh  

Barney is a solid citizen that really does it all!  He was originally trained western and knows some pretty fancy reining moves!  But he also goes English and loves to jump! He is a gentleman on the trails and has a laid-back, easygoing nature.  Barney’s life was pretty quiet until he came to Todd Hill Farm!  He has really blossomed here and loves all the attention.  He will make faces when you scratch him!


Capri / Show Name: Calendar Girl

2000 Oldenburg mare

Chestnut, 16.3hh

Capri came to Todd Hill Farm as a weanling and was trained and shown by Karen and her students until the age of 7.  She was then sold to Ontario as a Junior Jumper.  She was re-sold twice more and when Karen noticed a for sale ad on Kijiji she jumped at the opportunity to buy her back!  10 years later!  Capri is a free, floaty mover who loves to jump and yet she is quiet enough for even our most timid riders.







Lhassa / Show Name: French Affair

1999 Selle Francais mare

Chestnut, 16.1hh

Lhassa has had a very successful show career in the dressage and jumper ring in Quebec.  She knows her job, is relaxed and happy to do it. We lucked out on this sweet mare, as she came on the same trailer as Capri – also from Quebec but a different stable. Her favourite pastime is bossing Ollie around!







Prim / Show Name: Prismatic

2010 Thoroughbred/Paint mare

Piebald Tobiano 15.3hh


Prim came us from Ontario where she showed in the Trillium Hunter ring.  She enjoys jumping, has auto changes and a big stride making her very competitive in the show ring..  She can also win a flat class hands down!  Prim is a sweetie in the barn.  Her stunning colour makes her stand out in the crowd!










Fletcher / Show Name: Far Fetched

1998 Newfoundland/Quarter Horse gelding

Black, 14.1hh


Fletcher came to us from Newfoundland - by boat!  He is one of a kind!  He has shown in all Pony Club events including eventing and dressage.  He is the perfect "babysitter" but is stocky enough to carry our adult riders too.  This guys knows his job and loves to please – but he won’t give it away for free.  This pony is a great teacher!


Finn / Show Name: Finnegan

1997 Russian Warmblood gelding 

Bay, 16hh

Finnegan is the perfect gentleman!  He showed for years in Adult Amateur, Equitation and Children's Hunter divisions.  He took Robyn Gillighan to the prestigious Royal Winter Fair in Ontario in 2012.  We have owned Finn since he was 2 years old and are very proud of him! He has become one of our beginner favourites as he has such a kind heart and really looks after his rider.  He is definitely more “whoa” than “go” which we totally appreciate!












Chloe / Show Name: Kiss and Tell

 1999 Thoroughbred/Morgan mare

Chestnut, 15.2hh


Chloe has shown in Hunter, Jumper and Eventing. She loves to jump but is also beginner-safe.  Chloe loves to go on the trails and is also completely traffic-proof.  She has the distinct honour of being Todd Hill's very first lesson horse!  When she arrived, she was hot and forward, but she settled into our routines quickly and is now one of the easiest, most uncomplicated horses here.  Chloe loves people but does not feel the same about other horses so for this reason, we don't walk horses close behind her or beside her under saddle or when leading. 







Carter / Show Name: Truffle Shuffle

2005 Welsh/Belgian gelding

Palomino, 14hh


Carter's breed combination says it all!  He is 1/2 Welsh pony and 1/2 Belgian draft horse - short, stocky and strong with lots of personality! He often tries to get his way on the ground but under saddle he knows his job and does it well.  Carter was started as a dressage pony and then moved into the hunter world.  He has lots of show experience and beautiful form over fences.  His nickname is “Mr. Personality”!




Cheeko / Show Name: Footloose

1998 Appaloosa/Arab gelding

Grey, 15.3hh

Cheeko has been there, done that and has a few t-shirts to prove it!  He is Parelli-trained and loves attention.  He is beginner-safe but also has the training and knows his job with more advanced riders.  He has done Pony Club, hunter and jumper, eventing, clinics, trail riding and even beach rides at his old home in PEI!  He is known for his super-bouncy trot. It's hard to sit to but certainly teaches our riders balance!







Jessie / Show Name: Queen of Spades

1999  Thoroughbred/Clydesdale Mare

Bay, 16.2hh


Jessie is as stead as they come! She is suitable for beginners, timid adults and also keen riders who want to show and jump. Jessie was purchased from a dressage stable so she has great flat-work.  She also used to event and now at Todd Hill has proven to be very reliable in the hunter ring.  She is fun to ride with very smooth gaits.  In fact it has been said that you can hold a class of water while sitting her trot and it won't spill! Anyone with back issues needs to ride this mare.








Diamond / Show Name: Sugar n Spice

2006 Appaloosa/Welsh mare

Red roan appaloosa 14.2hh


Diamond started her career as a western gaming pony, showing in barrel racing and pole bending in Northern NS and then NB.  She is fast and has auto changes. She has also competed in hunter, jumper, dressage, 4H and Pony Club.  She can be a bit quick but is easy to adjust. Diamond is a lot of fun!



Ollie (Oliver) / Show name: Olivetto

2006 Dutch Warmblood gelding

Skewbald  Tobiano, 17.1hh

Ollie is Robyn Gillighan's horse so he is not currently used in lessons.  He is now being leased privately and his leaser plans to show him in the 2'9" - 3' Hunter / Jumper rings. Ollie is a delight to watch with his flashy markings, classic style, impeccable flatwork and fantastic work ethic. He has many fans! 













Luke / Show Name: Skywalker

2002 Quarter Horse gelding

Chestnut, 16.1hh

Luke started his career as a western horse and switched to English while in Ontario.  He has taken to it like a duck to water!  Luke showed for a few years in the hunter ring in Ontario before coming to Todd Hill Farm.  He is a joy to have around the barn and loves to please under saddle. He always places well in flat classes with his daisy-cutter trot. You will sometimes see look wearing a noses shield in warmer weather, as he has summer allergies.





Felix (Flip) / Show Name: Fillipo

2001 Holsteiner gelding

Grey, 17.1hh

Felix was imported from Germany as a youngster and has the Holsteiner brand on his left flank.  He has competed in Ontario in the Dressage, Hunter and Jumper rings.  We don’t use Felix for beginner because he has such big movement.  Even his flying changes can toss the rider up in the air!  He can be a real show off and loves to jump.







Magic / Show Name: Maybe It’s Magic

2002 Paint mare

Skewbald Overo 14.3hh


Magic is a lesson and horse show superstar!  She knows her job and will carry her rider around safely.  She is the perfect mount for students learning to canter and jump.  Magic has many miles of show experience in the hunter and jumper rings and will take care of her rider.  She came to Todd Hill Farm when Windspirit closed down their lesson program and we are very luck to have her! 

Able / Show Name: Able’s Little Man

2003 Morgan gelding

Bay, 15.1hh


Able really is a “big” little man. He got a late start on his training and so acts a lot younger than his years.  He is inquisitive and very intelligent.  Able, true to his breed, is literally up for anything.  Point and shoot and he will take you there.  He has done western, English, agility and trails.  Able is now trying his hand (hoof) at jumping!  He seems to love it!