Non-Profit Status

Todd Hill Farm is a registered non-profit organization.  Our business number is 80361 9501.  Our mission statement is: To provide a fun, safe and family-oriented environment that enables our students to feel part of a team and develop solid equitation and horse management skills.  We have had some inquiries as to whether we are also considered a charitable organization (ie - can we provide tax receipts for donations?).  The answer is no - we are not considered a charity,  We fall under the umbrella of Sports and Recreation (similar to a soccer club or hockey school).  We have no profit motive.  In fact, we have been operating at a loss for the past 6 years.  Every penny that comes into Todd Hill Farm is re-invested in the programs we offer - such as new horses, tack, vet bills, staff salaries, building maintenance, equipment maintenance etc.  Horseback riding is an expensive sport!
John and Karen Gillighan contribute to the "farm fund" every month with their own, personally earned income.  If they didn't do this, the farm would not stay afloat.  Some clients are curious about what they do outside of the farm that provides this income.  John and Karen represent a US-based wellness company and help grow their customer base in the local market.  This is a company similar to  They offer eco-friendly, non-toxic products, have integrity in their ingredients and distribution and offer a line of patented nutritionals and pharmaceuticals that are positioned 5 - 10 years ahead of the market.
The business is built on referrals, so John and Karen love to share this information with new Todd Hill Farm clients -  everyone knows someone who can benefit from a product line like this.
Would you like to find out more?  Visit their website at