Hunter Clinic with Jill Barker

Equine Canada Level 3 Coach

April 21 & 22, Todd Hill Farm

Open to E.C. level 3+.  Clinic Fee: $150.


Jill is the owner of Horses At Work Farm in Sweets Corner, NS. She is a highly motivated and successful certified Equine Canada Competition Coach Specialist with over 35 years experience.  Her coaching success is based on experience, training and coaching certification, as well as superior equine knowledge in the ring, in the barn and is reflected in the success of her students. Jill has strong interpersonal skills and a proven ability to work effectively with individuals at all levels. Her passion for grass roots level horse and rider development  is reflected by her enjoyment of teaching all ages and skill levels from novice riders, to students who have successfully competed at equestrian competitions in Ontario, Quebec, Vermont, the RAWF, and the CIEC as well as the Maritimes.

 She is proud to be the NSEF Team Jumper Coach for CIEC Championships and has had that role since the inception of the CIEC.

In 2015, Jill is the National Chair of the Equine Canada National English Coaching Committee as well as National Chair of the Equine Canada National Coaching Committee and serves as a member of the Competitive Review Committee for Equine Canada.  Jill also serves as the English Discipline Master Evaluator for Nova Scotia. Jill is a member of the Professional Coaching Association of Canada as well as Equine Canada, NSEF, and NSHJ. 



Jill grew up in Windsor, N.S. and was a member of the Avon Pony Club and credits her first instructor Mary Henry for giving her a solid foundation in horsemanship and for nurturing her passion for horses.  Jill achieved her Pony Club B2 and has served as a National Pony Club Examiner.  Jill is also a certified instructor with CANtra which has been an integral part of the Halifax Junior Bengal Lancers where Jill served as Manager and Chief Instructor from 1984 thru the spring of 2015.


Jill’s philosophy on riding horses is pretty simple. 

Work hard, play hard and have fun.

 I believe that there is a pyramid on which the equestrian sport is founded. The solid base of the pyramid must be a true love of the horse and understanding of that horse. From this base, horsemanship skills can be learned. You learn to ride the horse and communicate with him and acquire riding skills.

As the riding skills develop and become refined, competition skills may start to develop or in some cases simply the further development of skills and self-satisfaction.

Humans ride for a variety of reasons so the goals can be quite varied.

The base of it all is the love of horses and all that they do for their two legged partners. 

  - NSEF Community Service Award                                  2015
  ·Co-Author: EC Rider Level Programs Revisions          2012

·NSEF Volunteer of the Year Award                                   2011

·EC/NCCP Inaugural National Level II Coach Award/English Jumping   2011

·Co-Author: EC Rider Level Program Rider 1-10               2006

·3M Coaching Award Canada: Recognition for outstanding contribution to coaching and Advancement of your sport                          1998

·Author: EC Instructor Level Programs                               1998                

First as a provincial program than adopted by the NCCP                                                                                                                                                    
·Sport Nova Scotia: Royal Bank Excellence in Amateur Sport    1997
 Special Sport Achievement Award for leading edge thinking and innovative programming in Nova Scotia Amateur Sport                                                                                   

·NSEF Recognition Award: Atlantic Equestrian Games       1994
 Team Nova Scotia Pony Club Coach                                                

·3M Coaching Award - English                                                 1993

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